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“We’ve hosted nearly 50 house concerts in the last 10 years with many wonderful artists, including several Grammy nominees. No one has been better or more popular with our guests than Stone & Snow. Karen has a magnificent voice, Clint is a guitar virtuoso, their harmonies and chemistry are wonderful, and they’re delightful, appreciative houseguests. Many of our regular guests said their show was the best ever.”

Carrie and Brooks Eason

House Concert Presenter - Madison, MS

What is a house concert?
A house concert is a private concert for your friends/family. The intimate setting allows for you and your guests to have a listening experience to enjoy the music. If you know some folks who might enjoy an evening of original songwriting and harmonies, you can host a Stone & Snow house concert. It’s important to note that a house concert is not a party where the performance is background music while folks socialize – the music is the main event during the performance, with plenty of time to socialize before and after. 

Where can I host a house concert? 
If you have a living room, studio, garage, basements, etc, then you have a space for our weird and wonderful songs. We prefer indoor spaces, but are open to outdoor spaces as long as there is an adequate indoor back-up space in the event of inclement weather (rain, excessive heat, cold, etc). If you have never hosted a house concert before, we can guide you through the process and help you plan a great evening. More info below.

How does it work?

  • A host (that’s you!) opens a space to us as a performance venue, and we agree upon a date.
  • You’ll fill out our House Concert Booking Form so we have the details we need, such as your address and contact info.
  • You promote the show by inviting family, friends, and others passionate about music (email, text, FB event – we can provide a graphic you can use to share). We may promote the show as well, but only with your permission. We aim to have at least 25 attendees. Most house concerts are 25-50 guests.
  • Attendees will be asked to bring a donation in support for our performance (~$20/person suggested), and we’ll pass the hat the night of the show for cash donations. We can also accept donations via Venmo/Paypal (@stoneandsnow / (Alternatively, if you’d like to cover our performance fee and treat your guests, that’s also an option. Contact us for a quote.)
  • We will perform about 75 minutes of music as a duo, and we’ll be available to socialize with guests after the performance.
  • We travel with a small PA if a little amplification is needed, and we gather ’round a single microphone, bluegrass-style. We just need access to an eletrical outlet.
  • Some hosts provide snacks, and if alcohol is allowed, it’s typically BYOB.
  • If we’re traveling, we may request accommodations (which could be as simple as a single guest room), but it’s not required.

How far do you travel? 
We’re open to traveling to many locations throughout the US, and we can coordinate a date when we’re touring through. For some locations, our availability might only be weekdays, but rest-assured that the show doesn’t go late into the night. Most evening concerts wrap up between 9-10pm.

Is the full band available? 
Not at this time. Currently, our house concerts are intimate, acoustic evenings where we perform as a duo.

How can I help my guests prepare for the concert?

You can point them to our YouTube channel or our Spotify/Apple Music pages where they can listen and hear more before the show. You can also share this page if they have more questions about what a house concert is like. 

Sounds great! How do I book? 
Fill out our contact form, and we’ll go from there!

Do you perform other private events?
Yes! We are available for other private parties and weddings– drop us a line to learn more.