Our name is a reference to the Rocky Mountains, and it came from a line on AMC's Hell on Wheels.

Karen was ending a 6-year musical hiatus & Clint wanted to join an original project. The series of tubes we call the internets aligned.

And writing folk songs about mountain vistas.
We don’t see too many peaks from Central Illinois.
Sometimes we have to close our eyes.

We raised 175% of our goal and have pretty much the best supporters ever.
Singer-songwriters Karen Bridges and Clint Thomson have been crafting their unique style of folk music since 2012. The combination of Bridges' soulful, soaring vocals and Thomson's roots-influenced guitar in their collaborative songwriting results in a folk sound that can only be described as their own.

With a name that gives a nod to the Rocky Mountains, Stone & Snow released their debut album, "These Are The Hills" in 2014 after a wildly successful crowd-funding campaign. The album is a monumental collection of fifteen melancholy folk songs on love, loss and exploration amidst the imagery of the landscape to which their name makes reference. The music took them on the road to places like the Taste of Chicago and the legendary Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee.

Fast forward to 2016, and the duo is quick on the heels of their second successful crowd-funding campaign and ready to release their sophomore album on May 6th. Self-produced in collaboration with David Rossi (former drummer for Chicago-based band, Allister) of Bombsight Recording, the new album represents the next level in their journey as songwriters, evolving into a more electric sound while maintaining their folk roots and delving into themes about the ghosts we leave behind, the devils we know, and how to love through the zombie apocalypse.

"Devil That I Know", their sophomore full-length album, arrived May 6, 2016.

PRESS: Some people have said some things about our music. You can read our interviews with Sonicbids. You can also listen to our interview with Mike McCurdy on Sound Ideas (WGLT).