Why we crowdfund.

Hi. We are two weeks away from a goal to make our next studio album. We’ve had some questions about our campaign, and we’d like to take a few minutes to answer them and give you more insight into how we make music. At the end, we’d like to invite you personally to join us as we bring “Love is a Weapon” to life!

Why crowdfund?

We see crowdfunding our third studio album as a pre-order with perks. We’re determined to make this album, and we know that when it’s made, you’ll want a copy of it. We see it as a win-win for you and for us. You get a taste of the album immediately via a download of our “Love is a Weapon” single, plus we get to offer you perks that wouldn’t happen without the campaign– like getting your name in the liner notes or grabbing a copy of the album on vinyl. (Yay, vinyl!)

We’re contributing financially too.

We’re investing all that we’re able to and doing everything that we possibly can “in-house”. This includes reinvesting performance fees, bartering, and producing our own photography, graphics, and video. This campaign will give us the final push we need to get this music to market. For us, this is a full-time endeavor, and the day-to-day living expenses incurred by being a working musician sadly don’t leave enough room to fully-fund studio recordings. But we need the recordings to land the gigs that will allow us do that in the future. It’s a catch-22. This is particularly true of independent artists, as we don’t receive up-front support from a record label. In many ways, you are our record label. You have the power play a direct and critical role in getting the music you want to hear made.

I contributed to a campaign in the past. Why should I contribute again?

We didn’t give up, hang up our hats, or close up shop. (Which we might have done had we not met our goal and felt discouraged enough to give up on music altogether.) We kept making new music. We went on to make music that would get national and international attention from the likes of NPR and the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. YOU did that! We asked you to believe in us, and you showed us that you did, and we kept going. You can have a sense of ownership and pride in knowing that your investment in our artistry has paid off. We’re hoping to take the next step with this new album, and we still need you and want you to be a part of our journey.   

I stream your music on Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon. Aren’t you getting paid for that?

Yes, but arguably not entirely fairly. Certainly not anything that amounts to a living wage or could fund the next album that we’ll inevitably distribute to said streaming services. Streaming services pay artists a fraction of a penny per stream. We might see royalties in the $50-$100 range per year. If you want to support those independent artists whose music you love, then you should absolutely keep streaming their music when you can. But you should also buy that t-shirt/koozie/CD/vinyl/etc at the show.

Why this music; why now?

“Love is a weapon” is a message we want to take hold and take to the world. These songs are about courage. Courage to love, to fight, to know when to walk away. We think they’re more timely than ever– now is the right time to make this record.

I’m all in. What can I do to help?

Join the crowd! And pre-order our new album at http://igg.me/at/loveisaweapon. Your contribution is a direct collaboration with us. We know each of you by name, and we our proud to say we made this music together with you. Each contribution includes a download of our “Love is a Weapon” single immediately. We know you’re going to love it!

Thank you for believing in us.

Karen and Clint, Stone & Snow