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Recently, I was inspired to write about feuding families (like Montague’s & Capulet’s or Hatfield’s & McCoy’s). Turned out to be one of the most biting things I’ve ever written. (and I’m not sure yet how I feel about how easy it came to me…) Below are the lyrics, and if you want to hear the song live, come see us at the Sugar Creek Arts Festival on July 6th from 3:00-4:30pm in Uptown Normal. It’s a free show and there’s plenty to do and see in Uptown during the festival!

“There’s a River Between Us”
Music & lyrics by Karen Bridges

There’s a river between us that seems like it’s deeper than deep
And the bridges that bind us ain’t quite what they used to be
Better watch what goes ‘round– throwing words like stones is dangerous play
I won’t forgive, but you pray to God I’ll forget what you say

You see the road to perdition is paved in revelation and blood
Every step of the way you will pay for the love that you took
I’m not going down, no I’m not going down in this game
You know I’m a sure shot, baby, and I waste no time with my aim

I see weakness in mercy and glory in honor and pride
Where there’s smoke there’s a fire that I started, and it blackens the sky
Better get on out, better get on out while you can
There’s hell to pay, honey, oh, and you’re a poor, poor man

I haven’t gone blind yet on this “eye for an eye” bet

There’s a river between us that rages like blood ‘neath my skin
In the spring it will crest and spill out over all of the plain
Even if I drown, I’m gonna make it to the other side
Where there’s a will there’s a way, and I’ll never give up on the fight

(Nate tooks some new pics of us recently, so to keep up my tradition of including a picture with each post, here’s one of my favorites!)

Stone & Snow