We did a time lapse of the Fusion Brew show from start to finish in four minutes and set it to the live audio from the song Ceasefire that we performed that night. Here are the lyrics and video!

Music and lyrics by Karen Bridges

The last shot we fired was ten and some years ago, oh
Why did we call it off? Did we move on? Did we grow?
Sometimes when I hear that song I’m reminded to let it go
In this ceasefire we wait, and for what? I guess we’ll never know.

Oh, if only we’d go right to hindsight, right straight to the end.
What a difference it’d be. We’d still be friends.
You’d be singing along as I go, oh

I had a dream where I thought for sure, you’d do what I want,
But every time I came in close, you’d vanish off into the dark.
I thought I could play tricks on my own mind and call the shots,
‘Cause when we’re awake we’re really not so good at getting what we want.

We have our backs turned, we let our guard down, who’s gonna make the first move now?