Family and friends — it’s been awhile (musically speaking). Many of you have asked over the years what I’ve been doing with my talent, and the answer for the past 8-ish years had been just about nothing at all. I briefly studied classical voice at UW-Milwaukee, but found the time commitment in addition to my art studies to be too much, so I left the program. Nate and I were married in 2006, started our photography business, and so the years went.

In late 2009, my grandfather passed, and I decided to take a trains+music vacation with Roots on the Rails and the band Over the Rhine to honor his memory and experience the great Southwest in a new way. I was hooked– and took another trip in 2011– this time through Southwestern Colorado on the Narrow Gauge trains. The private concerts, songwriting workshops, photo crawls and incredible settings really inspired me to get back into music.

In late 2011, I dusted off my guitar and started putting pen to paper. It was hard, but I knew I had to start somewhere, and my search for collaborators resulted in new friendships and encouragement to push forward.

I’m really just at the beginning now, and I hope you’ll join me as I move ahead. I’m looking forward to sharing my songs with you.

And because I know from experience… a blog post is always more interesting with a picture. Here’s one that Nate took on our first trip to Colorado – 4th of July, 2009 in Idaho Springs.