Tonight at practice we recorded a demo of “Cold Mountain Blue”. So in the spirit of it, I’m posting the lyrics. We’ll be sharing the recording soon, but until then here’s a taste!

“Cold Mountain Blue”
Words and Music by Karen Bridges

In the stillness of dusk I am traveling through
Letters in hand– they will pull my to you
Night put the wind to bed and watches her sleep
I’d pause but I have a promise to keep

Wait for me– I’m almost there
The life in my breath lingers thick in the air
The Cold Mountain Blue runs right through my bones
I long to be with you, Love, you are my home

The Cold Mountain Blue will forgive in the spring
Until then a shiver is all she can bring
I’ve done all you’ve asked of me– put in my time
Now I’m coming back to you– back to what’s mine

The men with vendettas are chasing me down
I stood up for justice; got run out of town
Should they catch me first, just know that I tried
Kiss me now in passion– kiss me and don’t cry

Acoustic Afterdark

(above photo snapped by AJ Banzhoff during our set at Acoustic Afterdark last week!)